Sunday, July 10, 2005

The ONE Campaign in JAPAN

does anyone wear the white band?

in japan, the ONE Campaign started as well.
it is called "Hottokenai Campaign", which means that we cannot close our eyes against the fact global AIDS and poverty. here goes the TV commercial that is on air now in Japan!! it is broadcasted on TV from July 6th. (but i have not seen it yet....=()
similarly with the American version of the commercial, it has a lot of famous people in.
by the way, ***(three auterisks) shows three seconds. every three seconds, one kid dies anywhere in the world. the meaning of them is that we do not want kids to die because of the extreme poverty.

first one is japanese version.

second one is american version.

since i would like to have both of those, i ordered these two kinds.

in japan, if we order 1 set, two white bands will come together. however, when i order 1 set of american version, at least 10 white bands will be sent. i was surprised the fact that u.s. sells 2500pack of this band!!! we should do same thing in japan, but i heard that it same thing in japan, but i heard that it has been already hard to get the white bands in japan.

i found this t-shirt being sold online. i think it is cute, so i order two of them as well!! isn't that cute??

i totally support this campaign!!

lets take action right now! =)

i know that we can make a big difference!!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

what i love to do....

as many of you know, what i love to do is EATING delicious food!!
that just makes me so happy.

all i need in the world are........ well........ friends, family, food, drinks....and love!

today, i went to JAPANESE BAR, which is called "IZAKAYA".
(it is like "FURAIBO" in L.A..)
and i ate good food!

guess what that is???

this is called "TEBASAKI" , which is very popular food in AICHI prefecture.

this bar is well known for TEBASAKI, so many famous people have came here in order to eat this TEBASAKI. can you believe that??

TEBASAKI is like Chicken Wings in HOOTERs.

but it is not that hot. it is more like salty.. yummy!!

by the way, in AICHI prefecture, EXPO 2005 is hold. (i went there. it was fantastic!!)

and the next picture is my favorite drink in the bar.

this is called "SHOCHU with green tea"

this drink is mixed with a kind of sake, shochu, and green tea. i know that it must be hard for those who does not live in Japan to think about this taste. some might think that it looks strange.

well, you must try once when you come to Japan!!

i cannot explain how its good, you know...

Saturday, July 02, 2005


hey, everyone. how have you been?
it me, YUK@ :) i am doing just great.
it is getting hot here....
how about in your countries, the U.S., the Netherland, Korea, China, Spain..and so on?

i started to keep my photo diary like this.
i am hoping that i will be able to keep contact with you guys who live kinda far from me through this website and to share my life or thoughts with you guys.

in my blog, i will tell my life here in Japan with many pictures!!!!

i would LOVE to have any comments from you!

by the way, can you see the contrast in these pictures as follows??

the first picture was taken in GUNMA Prefecture which is located north of TOKYO. it takes 3 hours to get there by a car, so it is not that far, isn't it?
there was a lot of nature in GUNMA.

on the other hand, the second piture was taken from the observatory which was located on the very top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office in Shinjuku.
there is almost no green in TOKYO as you can see this picture.

i sometimes miss the nature so bad that i try to go away from my life in the city, TOKYO.

however, recently i have been pushed for time. thats not good....:(

how do you spend your spare time?
tell me about your lives!

if you guys have your homepage, please let me know.

enjoy your life.... and take care.

love you guys all!