Saturday, July 02, 2005


hey, everyone. how have you been?
it me, YUK@ :) i am doing just great.
it is getting hot here....
how about in your countries, the U.S., the Netherland, Korea, China, Spain..and so on?

i started to keep my photo diary like this.
i am hoping that i will be able to keep contact with you guys who live kinda far from me through this website and to share my life or thoughts with you guys.

in my blog, i will tell my life here in Japan with many pictures!!!!

i would LOVE to have any comments from you!

by the way, can you see the contrast in these pictures as follows??

the first picture was taken in GUNMA Prefecture which is located north of TOKYO. it takes 3 hours to get there by a car, so it is not that far, isn't it?
there was a lot of nature in GUNMA.

on the other hand, the second piture was taken from the observatory which was located on the very top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office in Shinjuku.
there is almost no green in TOKYO as you can see this picture.

i sometimes miss the nature so bad that i try to go away from my life in the city, TOKYO.

however, recently i have been pushed for time. thats not good....:(

how do you spend your spare time?
tell me about your lives!

if you guys have your homepage, please let me know.

enjoy your life.... and take care.

love you guys all!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey hey hey!!!!!!
it's me~~~~~your kelly..kkk
well, i'm so glad that now i can come by here and see your pictures and what's going on with you.
i'll visit here often from now on.k?
i miss you so much!!!!!

4:05 PM  
Blogger YUK@ said...

hey, my sweetie!!
thank you for ur comment!

sure sure... please coem here to see whats going on, k?? ^^

well, i have not told many ppl about this weblog since i ve just written only ONE article... hehehe

anyway, enjoy! love you!

10:38 AM  
Anonymous pietjan said...

Hello Yuk@, nice to hear something from you.
I remember our last minute together. You were crying because your volunteer job was finished after one week.
Tomorrow I (and my family)are going on holyday to Thailand.
After that Uta and Yuriko will visit my home.
Good luck, Piet jan

3:55 AM  

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